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Thread: [SOLVED] Moving from Zimbra Internal Authentication to External AD Authentication

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    Default [SOLVED] Moving from Zimbra Internal Authentication to External AD Authentication

    Hey guys. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this and what kind of experience you had. We currently have ZCS 6 running on Ubuntu and all is sweet. However, when it was originally configured, it was set to use internal authentication rather than using our Windows domain credentials. I was looking into it, and figured I could streamline the new user and user deletion processes by changing it.

    I was wondering what kind of troubles I could expect if I flicked it over to bind against our DC instead and whether I'd lose my mailboxes (our mailboxes are set to the same login name in Zimbra as on the DC). Thanks in advance!

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    no, your current mailboxes will stay as they are, they'll just authenticate externally, and actually you can have fallback authentication where if the user fails to authenticate to AD it can still authenticate locally to zimbra, but thats not something a lot of people want.

    anyway, i'm not sure it will streamline your user creation/deletion, as users are not automatically provisioned in zimbra upon authenticating to AD. You still have to create the users in zimbra as well, and will have to delete them ther even after you've removed a user from AD.

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    Ah, cheers Might have a hack around the source to see if I can add something to provision it all automatically, then. I'm really sick of the MS techs here pushing Exchange when ZCS has the features we use for no cost, and this + a little more Outlook integration will push the final nail into their coffin

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