New documentation project : bring a reference guide

Please find a Zimbra reference guide website template where we hope every zimbra administrator could put one zimbra item description (Reference Guide | Zimbra™ Collaboration Suite Administration)

You could find the following organization:
  • Zimbra objects: list of objects in the LDAP Zimbra.
  • Administration Console: descriptive list of choices available in the Admin Console.
  • Command Line Interface: descriptive list of CLI.
  • Attributes: list of attributes that should be used by Zimbra objects.
  • Values: list of attributes values.
  • Utilities: Utilities list.

For object item, you find the following template:
  • description
  • Attribute tables (Attribute name, Description, Since release):
    • requiered attributes
    • optional attributes
    • deprecated attributes
Note: As this, attributes were shown sorted by object.

For attribute item, you find the following template:
  • description
  • syntaxe
  • usage
  • note
  • see also

Please provide feedback or post any questions to the Zimbra Forums. Your feedback will enable us to quickly improve this documentation.