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Thread: Zimbra Global Contact List Error !

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    Thumbs down Zimbra Global Contact List Error !


    Im having a big problem with my Gal List.
    When im trying to send a new message, i click in to: (then show my list) then select Global Contact list.
    But only a few people show .. (60 to be precise), i have 140.
    The Next button doest work, so how fix this problem???
    Stop in the J word...
    My Zimbra is version 6.08.1 (Will update to 6.09)

    Thanks alot !


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    Quote Originally Posted by cypricus View Post
    My Zimbra is version 6.08.1 (Will update to 6.09)
    Is this with the Zimbra Web UI or Zimbra Desktop (which is where you've posted this)? Did you search the forums for an answer to this question?


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    Hi Bill,
    Its from Zimbra Web UI.
    Yes i search but cant find anything with the same issue
    Im using Mozilla Firefox new version.
    Also tried with IE8
    Same error.. Stop at J..
    If i put R and click seach the others names with the word R appears.
    But thats not a fix ..
    Thanks for your reply

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