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Thread: Using Zimbra with external SMTP to mask address

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    Default Using Zimbra with external SMTP to mask address


    I have a question about setting up Zimbra to be used as a relay for another smtp, to be used to mask the domain for the user. I've tried to search, but could not find a similar thread.

    The reason why I want to do this for my domain/company, is because we recently been merged with a larger company in the concern and we are all going to use Lotus Notes () in the future, but because Lotus doesn't have a web client at the moment, we have made a deal with the head company that we can use our own e-mail client until Lotus has release their client.

    But, we want to profile us as the other company through emails, meaning we would like to use their domain after @.

    How can this be set up?
    What has to be done from their side?
    What has to be done from our side?


    I'm an employee with the address (a domain that WE manage) and the mother company has setup a address forwarding the email to

    I login to Zimbra with but when I send e-mails the one who receives it will see that it comes from and when he tries to reply it get sent to (and the forwarded to

    Please help!
    Thank you for a great email solution!

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    I think I found it:
    Managing Domains - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Right? Masquerade?

    I've tried it and now it seems as it comes from

    I also want to actually use their SMTP server, so the can't be considered being spam right?
    What do I have to do?
    Is it Relaying/Domain Forwarding I'm thinking of?
    md zimbraMailCatchAllAddress
    md zimbraMailCatchAllForwardingAddress 
    md zimbraMailTransport
    Is that it or?

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    Go to the Admin UI and set the relay there, if it needs authentication the go to the wiki and search for 'authentication'.


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