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Thread: Bug in filters - change by themselves

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    Default Bug in filters - change by themselves

    I think I have found two (most likely) related bugs in filters. Currently running version 6.0.6 FOSS on Ubuntu 8.0.4.

    The issue happens when you setup a filter with multiple conditions. I have the filter set to 'all' conditions, then two conditions with 'does not contain' and a third with 'contains'. That seems to save fine, but after I log out and then in again, and edit the filter, the third condition is automatically set to 'does not contain' like the previous two conditions.

    I am not sure at what triggers this initially as it seemed to work for a few days when I first set it up. But once you discover the change (b/c your emails are in the wrong folders) and try to edit the filter, it gets changed back after you log out.

    Has anybody else experienced this or anything like this? I am fairly new to Zimbra so where do I report a bug?

    Attachment 1 (ss_filter_before) - the filter as it should be
    Attachment 2 (ss_filter_after) - the filter after the system changes it or loses the change
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