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Thread: OSE Backup Best Practice ?

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    Question OSE Backup Best Practice ?


    I want to backup my Zimbra Config & Data.

    I know there is a script for it, I tried it, but this solution isn't good for me, as there is a down time (even if it's not long), and I want to be able to restore only onemailbox if needed, and so on...

    I have my main mail server (Zimbra of course ), running well. In case of disaster, I have to be able to restore the mail service within the next 2 hours.

    So, here what I have done :

    - Making a script that make a tar of /opt/zimbra, but excludes the store directory. (So basically I just keep the Zimbra install/Configuration). This script would run each day to have a working copy of my zimbra Install.

    - Making a script that backup each mailbox individually, daily. (with the REST interface)

    - Installed a second Zimbra Server, not connected to the network.

    If I have a problem, I would juste untar my Zimbra Config to my new Zimbra mail server (with same IP/hostname of course), then importing each mailbox again with the REST interface, then restarting Zimbra services.

    I tested this configuration and it seems to work well (ie after restore, tried to send mails only locally, but it worked), but I want to know if I could get troubles with this method ?

    Thanks for your advices

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    Default Dont know but what about your script?


    I really dont have an answer to your Q but i will be happy to take a look at your script.

    I'm looking to do something similar only that my backup server will be in the network.


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    I think this is a very clever approach. My only concern would be scaling as the number of users and amount of online mail increase over time. Basically you are doing a full backup of each account each time, and you will have to restore them one at a time. By contrast, the FOSS recipes I've seen essentially do incremental backups via rsync, and activating a backup server requires very little moving/modifying of data.

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    You will also be missing all user settings/preferences (filters, signatures, options, etc.) by doing it this way.
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