Hi everybody,

what whould be the correct way to upgrade a Ubuntu 6.06 Zimbra Network Edtion 5.0.19 to Ubuntu 10.04 ZCS 6.0.9 amd64.
There is also with Windows2003 ZCB 5.

question before:
is ubuntu 10.04 already supported properly?
on zcs oss ubuntu 10.04 is noted a beta, on zcs ne it is not.

i thought about:

- stop Zimbra
- backup complete directory to Tape
- upgrade to zcs ne 5.0.25 for ubuntu6
- stop Zimbra
- aptitude remove zimbra5. packages (files should be still there)
- upgrade to ubuntu 8.04
- upgrade to ubuntu 10.04
- install zcs ne 5.0.25 for ubuntu 10.04
- upgrade to zcs ne 6.09 for ubuntu 10.04

- remove zcb5 on w2k3
- reinstall zcb6 on w2k3 <same maschine>

or how tis the prefered upgrade path?

best regards