Hi Guys,

due to the water pouring through the roof at our Zimbra server's current home I have had to move it fast!

It has now been relocated to another branch of the company.

Trouble is, the different branch has a different domain name in use.

I have set up the Zimbra server, changing the authentication method from the old Active Directory server at the waterlogged branch to the new one, staff have successfully connected to it and I'm in the process of pointing the MX records, etc, to it's permanent new home.

So far so good, but now the obvious problem, the Zimbra server has a service host name which incorporates the old domain - something like blueco.co.uk, at the new branch the domain is different, some like blueota.co.uk.

This is a Zimbra NE 6.0.2 server running on CentOS 5.

Although at the moment it all seems OK I realise that this might cause issues.

Unfortunately, looking at the Wiki - ZmSetServerName - Zimbra :: Wiki I see this is slightly complicated thing to do.

So basically, any advice on how to do this easily and as painlessly as possible? And is it absolutely necessary to do it anyway?

Thanks in advance
Russ Smith