I face the following problem with our evaluation setup (Release
6.0.9_GA_2686.RHEL5_64_20101115224141 Network edition),
we use a separate account to create shared notebooks for
groups. Now if a user attaches a file to a page inside the shared
notebook the link generated is wrong and results in a 404 'no
such item' when retrieving the item from said page.

In detail (names changed) :

management account : group_manager
user account : user_a

shared notebook at


If user_a creates a page it will be correctly inserted and stored at


If user_a now tries to add and upload an attachment it will be
inserted and referenced (inside the page and when browsing the
notebook) as


but stored on the server as


I can go in manually and change the link inside the page to the


so that the attachment is retrievable again but I'm not sure how to
fix the browse interface.

Is this something known which might have a workaround or am I
missing something essential ?
It's kind of painful to remember to fix the link after uploading.

I haven't tried shared briefcases yet.

thanks & kind regards