Hi everyone,

I have a Dual Opteron 275 zimbra server (Ubuntu 10.04) with 4G of ram and Zimbra 6.0.8_GA_2661.UBUNTU10_64.

I recently had a power loss and I didn't get to shut down the machine before the UPS ran out of battery. When it rebooted, the OS started but none of the zimbra servicees did.

I then ssh'ed in and did "sudo su - zimbra" and issued a "zmcontrol start". Everything seemed to start (web gui shows everything as started and so did the output of "zmcontrol start").

I only have about 10 mailboxes on there and 2 of them are completely empty (I checked them after logging into the admin console, right clicking the account and viewing mailbox).

This has only been setup 2 weeks or so and I haven't setup backups yet. Any suggestions on how to find out if any of the mail in these boxes is recoverable?

If I need to read something just point me in the right direction & I'll do all the reading. I'm posting this frantically after getting the server started just an hour ago....

I'm fairly proficient at Linux, but new to zimbra.