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Thread: Message Count and Message Volume very high

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    Default Message Count and Message Volume very high

    We been having problem with our mail server lately since December 1st
    message are getting in deferred queue and the server seem really slow?

    After restarting the services with zmcontrol stop and start the message start sending again but its still very slow... today Dec 3rd some message are still going to the deferred queue.
    But i did notice something different in the server statistics

    today the message count was about 17000
    (our previous high in the year was around 7000)

    and the message volume is now close to the 75 000 000 000
    (our previous high was around 1 000 000 000)

    I think one of the reason its so slow if i look at the process for my mail server clamd is running at between 98 and 196% of the CPU

    Anyone has any idea what is going on???

    I need help asap
    I will ran out of space soon if this doesn't stop going up
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