we have a mailaccount abc@test.com with a forwarding address xyz@blah.com on zimbra version 3.1.1 (we will update soon :P). I think everyone knows about the problem with "don't keep a local copy" and postfix.
I want do emtpy the mailbox abc@test.com on command line with zmprov and I already found the right mailbox with:

zmprov ga abc@test.com | grep -i 'zimbraId'
mysql> SELECT id FROM mailbox WHERE account_id = '$zimbraId';

But I can't imagine that I have to kill one file or something like this So does anyone know a solution for my problem. And don't tell me to update zimbra :P

By the way: is there a document for zmprov with some examples? I like this command and we already wrote some scripts for simple administration

thank you