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Thread: Missing Accounts in Backup!

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    Default Missing Accounts in Backup!


    I'm testing out the restoration of backups through the admin console in Zimbra 6.0.6 (Paid version) and have come across a potential issue/bug.

    I have a license for 25 accounts(25 have been used. This is actual user accounts, such as the admin and user1..etc, not including ham/spam/wiki accounts. In total, there are 29 accounts)

    My issue/possible bug is, if you do a backup through Tools>Backups in the admin console, it backups up the first 25 account, but includes those spam accounts are legitimate accounts. So my last 4 legitimate users in the list do not get backed up.

    I'd assume Zimbra backups up the number of accounts, on the basis of the number of license you have, but why is it including the spam accounts as being counted towards the total, during backup, when it doesn't count them in total in normal active accounts?

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    if you do it via the cli with zmbackup -f -a all does it get the right accounts?

    should definately file a bug for this behavior

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    Ok, I'm running the backup from the command line, so I'll know in a bit.

    Does anyone with a later version have any issues with it? I have a 32bit, so I'm not sure if that would and difference. I'd be willing to upgrade to a newer version if its been fixed in recent releases.

    I'll update again when I find out more information.


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