I've been tinkering around in the address book enhancements that are a part of 4.0. For those of our users who use the web interface for Zimbra, sharing address books between multiple users is a great thing. However, we have several users who are resistant to using the web interface and prefer to stick with AddressBook and Mail for their Macs.

I'd really like to give them the opportunity to receive a shared address book either via Sync (separate from their current user-address-book) or via LDAP binding the Address Book program to the proper place on the server. Has anyone done this? Is there a good way to set up the LDAP bindings to just get a shared address book of an organization's contacts?

I was thinking that the way to set this up would be to create a general user, fill their address book, then share it to the users as a "Firm Address Book" which could be altered by one of the admin staff, but if there's no path to Address Book....I'm going to have angry lawyers

Suggestions? Tips? Tricks?