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Thread: Send Mails manual from postfix queue

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    Default Send Mails manual from postfix queue


    after a power loss I have a problem with the service zmmailboxdctl.
    After an zmcontrol status I have this error message:
    zmmailboxdctl is not runnning.

    Ok...after reading in this forum I decided to go back to a backup from yesterday,
    but now I have some mails in the postfix queue.

    How can I redirect this mails to an external server?

    Thanks a lot...

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    If you'd searched the forums first you might have found the answer and you'd certainly know what the questions were likely to be, they are as follows:

    1. What version of Zimbra are you running? You should update your forum profile with the output of the following command (do not post the output in this thread):

    zmcontrol -v
    2. What errors do you see in the log files when you try to start Zimbra?


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