Is there a way to backup Zimbra without the message store, database & index?

I am looking for a recovery procedure to restore software and configuration but without having to remotely copy 25 GB of messages daily (or weekly).

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions, or can direct me to a thread where this has already been discussed at length?

I found the scripts at Open_Source_Edition_Backup_Procedure

and I have tested it locally. Took almost two hours on the first pass.

/opt/zimbra doesn't seem to be everything, though.
There are a few subtle tweaks like /etc/passwd entries for zimbra, postfix,
and /etc/alternatives ...
Who knows where else the installation puts things?

There are a bunch of post installation adjustments that have been made,
like spam, a/v, SPF, etc. I still have to address all of those.

But I just need to know that if I exclude /store, /db, /index, /logger and friends that it would still be possible to recover the running config.
Is there a minimum subset that I must keep? Database format files?

(Yes, I know, everyone would lose their saved messages.)