In Global Settings in the Administration Control Panel I unchecked the box to "Enable SSL for POP3" ... my users all have Blackberry phones and have to validate their password every time they are sending an email and they find it quite frustrating.

I am hoping by disabling the SSL on the POP3 they will not have to validate their password each and every time that they want to send an email.

I noticed that you have to restart the server if you want to commit these changes. I can restart my dedicated linux server from my control panel at the hosting providers website... but what I want to know is will the Zimbra application restart automatically on its own once I have completed rebooting the linux server?

Please let me know. I don't want to leave all the email users hanging as it is important they stay live as much as possible.

This is my first Zimbra install and it is my first dedicated Linux box. I took a class in Linux in college but by no means am I a Linux System Administrator.

Any help in this would be great!