In the ZCS 6.0.6 Admin Guide, p. 200, it says you can exclude the search index from a restore operation using

zmrestore <all or account> --exclude-search-index
I have a few questions about this.

  1. Any idea what percentage of a backup's disk space is used by search index data?
  2. Can the search index data be excluded from a backup? If not, is there an RFE for that?
  3. If I manually remove the search index data from my backups (assume --noZip), will that cause any problems on restore? Do I have to be careful to specify --excldue-search-index?
  4. What exactly would I remove, to do the above?

It looks like the search index data for each account is stored in /opt/zimbra/backup/sessions/<session name>/accounts/<xxx>/<yyy>/<long string>/index/

So if I delete /path/to/index or /path/to/index/* what will happen when I do a restore?

My motivation here isn't really to omit the search index data per se (although it might be useful in some cases). Rather, since I'm rsyncing our full backups over a WAN link for disaster recovery, I'm considering excluding the search index to speed things up.