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Thread: Problems sending from a Persona

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    Default Problems sending from a Persona

    We have an account that a lot of people use, I'll call it 'ads', and within each user's ZCS/web browser settings, it's set up as a Persona, in addition to their regular, every day work email account. One of our newer users is having trouble sending messages via the Persona, however. What should be happening is a user can compose a message, change the Persona, the reply-to, signature and everything changes automatically, and because 'ads' is also set up on our Fax Server with a mailbox (from a different vendor), outbound emails from the Persona account (ads) are processed immediately as faxes.

    What's happening with the user in question, however, is that he'll change the persona, all of the settings LOOK like they change (reply-to, etc), but when the fax server gets the message, it thinks it came from the user's personal mailbox, and because that doesn't also exist on the server, it gets rejected.

    Where can I check to make sure that outgoing messages are actually flagged as being from our 'ads' account so that the Fax Server won't reject them?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have a similar issue. I have a couple of personas set up on my account and they all work ok except for one persona which behaves as you describe. When composing you can change the persona/signature and the lot but when it gets sent out it's always under the primary account. I've tried recreating the persona and check in cli if there is any particularities on this persona opposed to others but couldn't find any differences.

    Did you manage to solve your problem?

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