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    Default POP3 Configuration...

    I'm running a LAN using PFsense as a DHCP Server and DNS server. How can I configure Zimbra to be accessed via POP3 by clients on the network? I'm really comfortable configuring the rest of Zimbra but I'm just not very well versed in email protocols. So, two questions:
    1: How should I configure my DNS server?
    2: How do I configure Zimbra?
    I can figure out how to configure the mail clients myself.
    I'm running a Zimbra/Turnkey Linux appliance (how do you check the version from the Admin panel?)

    I poked around the wiki and did some searching but didn't really find what I was looking for. Does anyone have any links that may be useful? Anything that would point me in the right direction...


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    Zimbra is configured be default to be accessible via POP3, go to the Admin UI and in the Global Settings or Server settings you can see if it's enabled. You just need to point your clients to the correct server (the same address as the Web UI) and the correct port and you should be good to go. I would advise you to use IMAP rather than POP as it's a better end-user experience and the mail doesn't get deleted from the server (unless the user actually deletes it). You should also think about using Zimbra Desktop as a client against the server.


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