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Thread: Zimbra 7.0 beta 3 - bug?? in moving accounts

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    Default Zimbra 7.0 beta 3 - bug?? in moving accounts

    Just got up a test environment running 7.0 beta 3 (new install, not an upgrade) with three servers:

    Server 1: ldap master, snmp, proxy
    Server 2: ldap slave, mailstore, logger, apache, spell, convertd, snmp, memcache, mta
    Server 3: mailstore, archive/discovery, apache, spell, convertd, snmp, memcache, mta

    When moving accounts from server 2 to server 3... or from server 3 to server 2, that account will not work properly until a zmcontrol restart happens. The only symptom is:

    The folder list on the left hand side of the web console doesn't display until the restart. This includes mail, preferences, calendars - everything that should be displayed in that column fails to show up.

    What's odd, is that VIEWING the account from the admin console works fine, it's just when logging in to the web client. I've observed this from both Firefox and Chrome so far.

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    You're much better off searching bugzilla for this. If you can't find an existing bug covering this, submit a new one. If there is a beta specific problem, the developers are the people to contact.
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    I've done just that - Bug 55013 -

    I am curious if anyone else has run into this, perhaps this forum post + the bug report will attract someone else in this situation.

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