Hi all,
I have problem with ZCS version open source edition version 6.03.
I have multiple server installation. On the first server I have following services: antivirus, ldap, logger, mailbox, mta, snmp, spell, stats. On the second server I have proxy, mta, memcache.

My issues is about Zimbra SSL Certificate. The certificate on the first server was out of date and I have replace it with a new valid certificate. I follow this guide for regenerating certificate: Renew Certificate or Create New Certificate from Zimbra CLI | Learning On Demand
This operation seems works fine. When I made the same operation on the second server (the proxy zimbra server) when I try to start the services (zmcontrol start) I have this error:Host zimbraproxy.XXXX.XXX Unable to determine enabled services from ldap.
Unable to determine enabled services. Cache is out of date or doesn't exist.
I have tryed to make a new certificate by using GUI of admin console but the problem still stand.
I have tryed to make a fresh re - install of the proxy server but with no results.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance.