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Thread: Using port 587, do I need Mailhop Relay?

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    Default Using port 587, do I need Mailhop Relay?

    Hi Everyone,

    I know this is not related directly to Zimbra, but I thought some of you could give me a few hints.

    So, Zimbra is installed and running. I have both the Admin + Webmail. I can send email using my ISP SMTP relay. But I can't receive...

    -Running on Ubuntu
    - Into the DMZ
    - Using Custom DNS from DynDNS with my own domain name
    - Added a MX record

    The fact:
    - I know that my ISP block port 25, which seems to be to issue there
    - I google around to find that port 587 could (possibly) also be used
    - I telnet localy to 587 and it seems to work
    - I run a port scanning and 587 is not blocked by me ISP

    The questions are:
    - do I need to specify something to get my mail on port 587?
    - Or I must absolutely use Mailhop Relay?

    Help very appreciated, thanks to all.


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    Other mail servers will [only] deliver mail to you on port 25. So if you need to get mail on port 587, you will want to use Mailhop. I think you have to pay per-domain with Mailhop, so that might get expensive. You could also get a VPS from somewhere and use it as an MTA, and then you can have it pass mail into your mailbox server through the LMTP port (7025)
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