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Thread: [SOLVED] export/import accounts fails

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    Default [SOLVED] export/import accounts fails

    After exporting a full account through the preferences->export (type: account, source: all folders), I tried to import this data on the same account provisioned on another server. However, this fails with a:

    "not allowed to import to root folder for this type"

    I can't select another destination folder, since it's greyed out. Any ideas?
    A related question: Will this export/import respect filters, shares and personas?


    [SOLVED: My browser had automatically unzipped the archive]
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    The upload has succeeded in Zimbra Desktop, but all messages have been uploaded to local folders. Non of the messages are uploaded to the server and the inbox, draft, sent, etc. folders on the desktop remain empty. Is this by design?
    Zimbra Desktop would make a nice import tool for new users, but apparently, this does not work as I expected.
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