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Thread: FILTERS: Search for multiple values per criteria.

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    Default FILTERS: Search for multiple values per criteria.

    Hi All,

    This is my first post on the Zimbra forum. I can't find any articles on how to do this so far but I am wondering if anyone has asked this before. Anyway, here is my questions.

    I am looking into creating a FILTER so that all the conditions I specify matches:
    Condition (1): FROM, CONTAINS:
    Condition (2): BODY, CONTAINS: up;down;okay

    In Condition (2), I want the filter to match any words "up", "down" or "okay". That should make Condition (2) as TRUE. If Condition (1) matches, then the filter matches.

    I don't want to create a FILTER that matches any of the conditions then any mails which may come in from abc@example or that contains "up", "down" or "okay", might accidentally get matched.

    Is it possible to do make multiple entries for Condition (2) above?
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