I've successfully done clustering configuration for zimbra and able to start cluster manager successfully.I'm using CentOS 5.5 platform and zcs 608 NE for this setup. I have refered multi-node clustering guide for this.Now when I do clustat, I could see that my cluster services are in failed and stopped state.

[root@mbx1 ~]# clustat
Cluster Status for zcscluster @ Wed Jan 5 13:43:54 2011
Member Status: Quorate

Member Name ID Status
------ ---- ---- ------
mbx1.example.com 1 Online, Local, rgmanager
mbx2.example.com 2 Online, rgmanager
standby.example.com 3 Online, rgmanager

Service Name Owner (Last) State
------- ---- ----- ------ -----
service:clust1.example.com (none) failed service:clust2.example.com (none) stopped

Can anybody please help me out to fix this issue.