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Thread: Contact name in the From field

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    Default Contact name in the From field


    I don't know if this is the correct forum section to talk about this.
    I will try to be clear on this.

    I'm having some trouble with the name of the contact that appears in the mails list.
    In the From field it's supposed to be the name of the contact that emailed us, but if I have that email associated with a contact in my address book, the name doesn't change, it stays with the name that I've received and doesn't show my address book contact's name.
    On the other hand, if I read the email content, the From field inside the email is updated with the name of my Address Book Contact.

    I don't know if this is a bug, or if there's any option in the preferences that I'm not finding.
    Anyone with the same problem?

    I'm running ZCS 6.0.10 on Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS 32bits.

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    I noticed the same thing. Has anyone news on this topic?
    would be very important for me

    I'm running ZCS 8.0.6 on Ubuntu Server 12.04

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