So, we bit the bullet and upgraded to Zimbra 6.0.9 during our maintnenace window over the holidays. One thing is that a number of people also changed their windows over the holidays and upgraded to 7, or whatever its on now (I honestly do not know). They have therefore upgraded IE to whatever its on now (8,9,10?)...

Here is the issue, when users go to our mail server, the webclient is setup for all https. After they login, IE now complains (almost all of the time) about insecure items on the page. It does not seem to matter if you tell it "yes" in the dialog that comes up. Having many thousands of users, we don't want to go and do the "fix" (I think there is some registry editing you can do or something to fix this) on all of the client machines. So, is it a simple matter of telling zimbra to only do https on the login? Would that not present yet another security problem? How are others dealing with this (or do I have my system setup incorrectly)?

Any input would be appreciated.