I am trying to determine how to export the entire configuration (setup, domain, users, preferences, etc.). I have found (after quite a bit of searching) some nice and simple backup options, but not sure how to export/backup just the configuration. I have looked at quite a few migration articles but they are for the entire zimbra install.

In this articles it states:

WARNING: DO NOT perform this on a production system. This procedure will wipe all usernames and passwords!

Does that mean that they are not contained in the export/backup of the ldap data?

Also, are they any other settings elsewhere that should be exported?

I would like to be able to export all my configuration, so that I could in theory setup another server (in the event of a total failure lets say) with all the same users, passwords, settings, etc. but no email. I can then quickly get things back up, and use imapsync to start bringing back the email. In this article they backup/restore the following directories, but those also contain the mail itself:

conf data db index logger postfix-*/conf redolog store