This is my first post here, so welcome everyone! I have developed Zimbra ZCS Opensource Edition in my company and I'm very pleased with Zimbra. Recently users reported me very strange and very important issue (bug?).
We're using Zimbra ZCS Opensource Edition with Outlook 2007 (no Outlook connector). Users have configured IMAP access to their mailboxes in Outlook. From time to time they recieve message with wrong header.
Message orginally is sent by user A to user B. User B recieves this message as it was sent by user C (sender, subject, date is wrong, content of message is correct). Next message listed (sorted by date) in mailbox is recieved from user C (with same sender, subject, date and content) - this message is correct.

And best part: On Zimbra Webmail everything is OK. Only message in Outlook is downloaded with wrong header.

Anyone had same problems? Looking forward for any suggestions.


Adam H.