I'm seeing something which I think is very strange to me.. I have a Zimbra NE 6.0.9_GA_2686.RHEL5_64 cluster, with one LDAP server, and 2+1 failover MBS nodes. I have two MTA nodes, which also double as replica LDAP servers and Proxy servers.
What I recently noticed is that direct connections to the MBS's on ports 80 and 443 are refused, (i have zmtlsctl set to BOTH), and it appears you can only reach these ports through the proxy servers. The proxy servers don't let you connect to port 7071, and as I am expecting to implement Blackberry services, ZCB documentation tells me that ZCB needs to connect to zimbra on ports 80 and 7071. how do I ensure this happens? Is there any means of making direct connections to the MBS nodes on ports 80 and 443 directly while proxying is going on?

Hope to hear from anyone soon. Thanks very much in advance.