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Thread: Certificate Question?

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    Default Certificate Question?

    Hi Guys.
    I am using ZCS 6.0.10 (paid release) and have a question regarding my certification. To understand my problem/delema, I have to give you my configuration:

    1. Connection: INTERNET<->FIREWALL<->ZIMBRA
    2. ISP sends mail to MAIL.EXAMPLE.COM (Zimbra)
    3. BUT, from the internet MAIL.EXAMPLE.COM points to a FILTER SYSTEM.
    4. I call ZIMBRA with MYMAIL.EXAMPLE.COM from the internet.
    5. ZIMBRA runs on a SPLITDNS.

    Now for my question/problem:
    when I create a certificate, do I use * or or

    When creating and calling it from inside my network, I do not get a CERT ERROR, but calling it from the internet gives me a cert error.
    I have created a VIRTUAL HOST called MYMAIL.EXAMPLE.COM in ZIMBRA.

    Please help
    Kind regards
    Aubrey Kloppers

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