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Thread: Enormous mailbox size?

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    Default Enormous mailbox size?

    Has anyone tested zimbra with huge mailboxes of 25+ gig? Is there a real limit on size?

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    we had one that was over 100gb. it was an account we were using as kind of a central storage spot for project emails. the account had a few hundred project folders and all of our ~800 usres had one or more folders mapped to it. it wasn't too bad but we did notice that when users would perform searches in it, it would tend to bog down the whole system. we wound up splitting it up.

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    IHAC with mailboxes over in the "tens of GB", I don't have any exact figures, but this was a concern of his before migrating from their old (really old) mail server to ZCS.

    Many months later they're quite happy with the way ZCS works and the performance they're getting.

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