Hi Everyone,

I recently set up Zimbra (6.0.10) and imported my users' mail and calendars. Users on my Zimbra install tend to share their calendars with each other. This works fine except that if a user has a shared event and then he has the shared calendars from other attendees of the event, the event shows up multiple timeson his calendar. For example:

User 'Host' creates an event called 'Event1'. He then invites 'User1', 'User2',
and 'User3' to Event1. Each of these users accepts the event and thus it is
added to their calendars. User1 and User2 have each shared their calendar with Host. When Host goes to view his calendar, he will see Event1 listed 3 times because it is listed for his calendar, User1's shared calendar, and User2's shared calendar. These are all the same single event, but the calendar does not display it that way.

I think it would be great if Zimbra would visually collapse these duplicate events together into a single listing on the calendar. This way, the calendar isn't filled up with the same event multiple times. This would really make it more readable for the users I think. Does this seem like something that would be useful? Has anyone else noticed this kind of issue on their calendar?

I've created a feature request here:
Bug 55471 - Duplicate Appointments Collapsed Together