So I went to upgrade Zimbra today from 6.0.9 to 6.0.10 and I accidentally rm -rf'd the /opt/zimbra directory instead of taring it for a backup. I managed to hit CTRL-C pretty damn fast but I think I managed to take out my LDAP configuration.

The mailstore is stored in a completely different location and it doesn't look like I took out the MySQL databases.

At this point I'm thinking the only practical way for me to recover is a fresh install of Zimbra 6.0.10 (no backups to recover from but that's a different story) configured exactly as the one I just toasted and then manually re-creating my users (fortunately there are only 30 or so) and then some how re-attach their mailboxes.

Is there an easier way to recover my Zimbra server? or am I on the right track? If I'm on the right track how to I re-attach mailboxes?