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Thread: Closed Accounts and Gal

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    Default Closed Accounts and Gal


    Whenever a account gets closed it dosent disapear from gal.. Is this the way its supposed to work ?

    Is there anywhere i can set configuration so that accounts get hidden from gal when they have the closed status ?

    I know i can set "hide from gal" per account options in admin console, but would rather have it automatically, if what im asking is not possible iguess it can be solved with a script.

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    Also I have the same problem. When I closed an account it is not disappear from GAL. Are there any way to hide closed account from GAL? When I closed an account, I also check Hide In GAL for that account.

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    Hello - sorry for replying to an old thread but this is the top result for "zimbra hide in gal closed accounts" on google but has no answer.

    If you're manually closing accounts in the admin web site, you can just remember to check the box. Unfortunately this didn't happen as we closed lots of accounts and manually going through and fixing each one would take I wrote this bash/sh command to query all unclosed accounts and hide them from GAL in one big batch:

    zmprov sa "zimbraAccountStatus=closed" | while read email; do echo "### Hiding '$email' from GAL: ###"; zmprov ma $email zimbraHideInGal TRUE; done;
    or for just 1 domain (untested, I ran on everything)
    zmprov sa "zimbraAccountStatus=closed" | grep -i '' | while read email; do echo "### Hiding '$email' from GAL: ###"; zmprov ma $email zimbraHideInGal TRUE; done;

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