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Thread: Account Lockout Message?

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    Default Account Lockout Message?

    Im wondering - can I customize the 'locked out account' message? It seems that when a user gets locked out, it does not change the message to state that they are locked.. it just basically says the same thing:

    'The username or password is incorrect. Verify that CAPS LOCK is not on, and then retype the current username and password.'

    Id like it to say something like

    'Your account has been locked out, please wait 30 minutes, or call helpdesk for support'

    Any way to do this?

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    What if it is not the actual account owner that is the cause of the account being locked?

    I've let all of our users know that 3 wrong guesses and you have to wait or contact IT.

    If it's an a** trying to gain access, id rather they not know that they can try their next set of password in nn minutes.
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