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Thread: Zimbra and Outlook - Certificate Issues

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    Default Zimbra and Outlook - Certificate Issues

    Hello all

    We just migrated to Zimbra from a standard cyrus/postfix implementation. Everything went smooth but we are having issues with Outlook and the Zimbra certificate. Iīve found some threads here that deal with the subject and followed instructions on how to import the certificate (standard windows stuff...). Anyway, even after i imported the certificate i still getting the error on Outlook. My zimbra server is called but my clients use a more friendly name to connect to it, like and i take it that the warning is valid because the names are indeed different from the one in the certificate (

    Could anyone point me the best path to solve this problem, that pop-up is really annoying

    By the way, Thunderbird works just fine after you accept the certificate permanently. That would be ok for us, but that just donīt happen with Outlook.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    After reading several posts looking for the same solution to the Outlook msg, I did this:

    1 - Copied /opt/zimbra/ssl/zimbra/ca/ca.pem to Windows desktop
    2 - Changed ca.pem to ca.der
    3 - Double click and installed in Windows. Next, next, next and bye bye Outlook msj (till next certificate)

    Tested in Win2003 - WinXp - Outlook 2000 - 2003 - 2007

    I solved this isue this way, buy my server name is the same for all.

    Another tip to try is putting aliases in your DNS setup to point and to and check if they accept your certificate.

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