Hi everyone. As part of our project to get Zimbra off of our XServe, I've created a couple virtual servers (Ubuntu 8.04 32 bit with Zimbra OS 5.0.26), and managed to get drbd and heartbeat working. The only piece I'm missing, and I can't seem to find in the forums here or with google is how to be notified when one or the other nodes in the setup fails, and/or if one comes back up.

I read a post somewhere else that said to set up a command in haresources like:
primitive mail ocf:heartbeat:Mailto \ 
params email="me@mywork.net" \
params subject="Email Cluster Failover"
But when I restarted heartbeat, it gave all kinds of errors, e.g. bad node name: primitive; Cannot locate resource script mail; status missing job name
and so on.

Any ideas?