Hello back. I'm stuck and can't get out of this rabbit hole.

We have a zcs 5.0.23 FOSS on openSuse10.2 32-bit VM crash on us (thanks to squirels playing by the near power distro plant) that corrupted the OS partition. We attempted a sidegrade to zcs 5.0.23 Ubuntu 8.04LTS 64-bit and all seem successful until the sync of LDAP and Mailbox ROOT passwords.

We followed the wiki posts on 32-bit to 64-bit conversion to the T. Extracted the LDAP contents, the mySQL contents, the Config dumps, etc., moved the data and index folders, you name it, we did it per the book.

Here is where things went wrong: we installed the Ubuntu8_64 ZCS with /install.pl -s (per the wiki) then ran the zmconfig.pl using the settings from the old server once it had been renamed at the DNS and blocked by firewall rules from user access. So the new server has the same IP, hostname, dns, etc. and when the config tool asked for passwords for admin, Ldap, etc., we used the passwords listed on the zmlocalconfig.xml

So now when check for status, we get mysql.server and zmailboxdctl not running. Most of the posts talk about synchronizing the passwords, but we can't seem to get the passwords to sync. When we do a config dump, we keep getting the same password we started with on the initial install.

Any Ideas?

All we want now is to get the data out of this old thing. We deployed the newest 6.0.10 UBUNTU8_64 FOSS in a clean NEW form because we couldn't stay down, so now all I have to do is get this old one working any way I can and data extracted. then we'll have a proper burial of ol' faithful.

We're even contemplating an IMAP/POP extraction of the 6.5GB worth of mail stuck in ol' suse10.2.

I'm not sure what log file to look into for cues, so any suggestions here are welcome.