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Thread: Zimbra with mail relay on Google Apps

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    Default Zimbra with mail relay on Google Apps

    First time with ZCS, I'll apologise in advance for the basic questions, your imputs would be greatly appeciated.

    My client has a domain, (, with Google Apps.

    He would like to maintain the management of the domain with Google for the external mail ( either ingoing or outgoing) and implement a ZCS in his Corporate LAN for managing all the employees mail and also to give Groupware capability to his teams (around 25 different mailboxes ), so in essence, Zimbra would relay to Gmail (Google Apps) all the necessary email traffic.

    I've managed to install an evaluation of ZCS (6xxx) on Ubunto 10xxx and named it zb1.mylan, The ideia is to keep Google Apps as a relay, using Zimbra as a "front-end".

    For the outgoing mail, we followed the instructions in the article "Outgoing SMTP Authentication - Zimbra :: Wiki" and we are now able to send mail through

    One major issue as arised: All mails sent from different users mailboxes have the From: changed to the user @ used in the authentication (this was done on this stage "echo user @ : password > /opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password")
    How can we fix this? The documentation i've read so far, gives no clues.

    For the incoming mail, it seems there are two options; to configure an external account on the preferences of each user, or configure fetchmail to collect the mail from all accounts, delivering it to the mailboxes of Zimbra. The first one I don't like, the second, I've been told it's not secure. Is there another option?

    Last: The mail domain created by Zimbra is @zb1.mylan and the client's mail accounts are Is it possible or advisable to change the Zimbra mail domain to

    UPDATE: We now have fetchmail collecting the mails this way:

    (fragment of /etc/fetchmailrc)
    with protocol IMAP
    username "" is "pnm@zb1.mylan"
    password "pnmpass"
    nofetchall keep ssl sslcertck sslcertpath /etc/ssl/certs

    Since it uses ssl, I'm hoping that it's encrypting passwords. Is this right and safe?

    Thank you in advance

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    I had the same problem (All mails sent from different users mailboxes have the From: changed to the user @ used in the authentication) while trying to configure microsoft exchange sever.

    I moved mailboxes to other host and it works fine!

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    Default What about further sucess?

    Have somebody further success with Google Apps as Zimbra's relay?

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