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Thread: 6.0.10 cannot access admin console

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    Default 6.0.10 cannot access admin console

    Found another thread on this, tried to post a reply but my post would not go through, so I had to create this thread.

    I upgraded from 6.0.6 Logging in to admin console with the IP address of the machine succeeds but using the FQDN or aliased hostname fails with this:

    Firefox 3.6.13 on RHEL5 64bit

    I restarted the server and hence zimbra to no avail. I also tried with opera on linux and it worked with all 3 (ip,fqdn, alias). Sure I could just use opera, but I suspect the number of users on firefox is far higher than that on opera.

    Firebug javascript errors:

    ZmMsg is not defined
    zimbraAdmin()zimbraAdmin (line 1729)
    [Break On This Error] <td id='ZLoginLicenseContain....splashScreenCopyright) </script></td>
    zimbraAdmin (line 1729)
    ZmMsg is not defined
    [Break On This Error] <td id='ZLoginLoadingMsg'><</script></td>
    zimbraAdmin (line 1720)
    ZmMsg is not defined
    [Break On This Error] <td id='ZLoginSwitchMsg'><s...Msg.splashScreenSwitch)</script></td>
    zimbraAdmin (line 1723)
    ZmMsg is not defined
    [Break On This Error] <td id='ZLoginLicenseContain....splashScreenCopyright) </script></td>

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    If this happened right after upgrade try redeploying all the admin extensions from /opt/zimbra/zimlets and then restart. This is a common error if the admin zimlets don't get loaded properly.
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    Default worked

    used "zmzimletctl deploy" to redeploy all the admin extensions, and problem seems to have gone away. Thanks

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