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Thread: Lotus Notes Protocol URL problems

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    Default Lotus Notes Protocol URL problems

    Zimbra is somehow mucking with the e-mails being sent from a Notes/Domino application which contains URLs like:


    It replaces that URL with an un-clickable:

    (Document link: Customer Complaint System)

    Now, I only got a copy of that Notes:/// URL (because the Lotus Notes guys went home already) by poking around in /opt/zimbra/amavisd/tmp/ where I saw an email.txt file that had an attachment from a Juno account (which has no problems showing the link).

    Is amavisd doing some kind of url-translating or "fixing" ?

    I was going to debug this tomorrow with the Lotus Notes guys, having them send to a sendmail server so I could see the raw e-mail message. One of the email.txt files in that /opt/zimbra/amavisd/tmp directory shows the "translated" link as well (where I copied both the desired and the results from above). This is bizarre.


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    I was wondering if a resolution was found to this issue? We are seeing this currently where Notes:// links are being replaced with "about:blank", but can be seen in the source of the message in the WebUI.

    Any input would be appreciated!

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    it's probably the com_zimbra_url zimlet thats doing it you could try disabling that.

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