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Thread: OK, but how to really reduce memory usage?

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    Default OK, but how to really reduce memory usage?

    I've finally managed to install Zimbra (I've tried both open-source and ne) on my VPS with 4gb of RAM (with 3gb guaranteed). I've installed Zimbra on completely naked system (Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit) which uses roughly 20mb of RAM. I didn't install unnecessary components like logger or spell check. Just very basic installation.

    I need to configure it so it will use 1.5-2gb of RAM at the very maximum for no more than 5 users.

    I've then followed so many threads here advising how to reduce memory usage, by issuing the following commands:

    zmlocalconfig -e tomcat_java_heap_memory_percent=40
    zmlocalconfig -e mysql_memory_percent=10
    zmlocalconfig -e mysql_table_cache=250
    zmlocalconfig -e mailboxd_java_heap_memory_percent=10
    zmlocalconfig -e zmmtaconfig_interval=7200
    zmmtactl restart
    vi /opt/zimbra/conf/my.cnf in:
    threadcache = 20
    maxconnections = 20
    vi /opt/zimbra/conf/ in:
    $max_servers = 10;
    $max_servers = 2;
    And? Nothing. The consumption is always between 3.5 and 4gb:

    The very flat line from the beginning shows how the usage looked like when I left Zimbra overnight, doing nothing (!). The two "mountains" towards the end show two attempts to again install Zimbra. Each time the consumptions was below 4gb.

    The below depicts in detail how the reconfiguration "worked". The servers were restarted in half-way, but then again, after servers started the memory usage went through the roof.

    I love Zimbra. It's a fantastic system, but during the past few days I installed Zimbra at least 20 times, spending 12+ hours a day. Please, can anyone advise me on how to make it work by using only 2gb at the very maximum for no more than 5 users?
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