I want to deploy zimbra where I work, but I'm running into a few problems. I'm hoping for any tips for advice anybody can give me.

Right now they have this setup:

  • Personal mail account for user1
  • Personal mail account for user2
  • Central account (like info@), which is also used by user1 and user2 to archive all their mail in.

When I would use Zimbra Server + Desktop in exactly this manner, it wouldn't work, because tags of a message are lost when you transfer a message from one account to the other (which makes sense, because the tag list is different).

My question is:

How would one deploy Zimbra so that users don't just have their own account, but also some kind of central archive anybody can access? Using aliases to create multiple addresses for one account doesn't work, because then people will start sending mails with the wrong sender, and messages appear twice in the conversation listing if it has been sent to user1 and user2 (but disabling duplicate detection won't work either, because then if a message is sent to user1 and user2, only one of them gets it), etc.

Another question is: isn't being able to have one account accessed by multiple users, a normal enterprise feature? I mean, any kind of info@ or support@ address would have that need. With IMAP you can just configure an different sender on each computer you configure the mail client, but because with Zimbra Desktop stores everything server-side, that is not possible, because it is account-bound.

What features does Zimbra Network Edition have extra that I could use for this?