Hi All,

I have ZCS 6.0.10 Net Edition installed on Ubuntu. I have 2 domains...the original (domaina) which I created during the install, and an addtional (domainb) that I created recently. I installed an SSL certificate for domainb since this will be where I will create all the user accounts.

I created a 'public service host name' for domainb.

Now...the issue I'm seeing: When users click on a shared folder/notebook/calendar/briefcase,etc., they are directed to HTTP instead of HTTPS.

I followed the steps here a while ago to force http to https.
CLI zmtlsctl to set Web Server Mode - Zimbra :: Wiki

Does anyone know if these commands would help me:

(found them here..http://www.zimbra.com/forums/adminis...res-https.html)

zmprov mcf zimbraPublicServiceHostname mail.domain.com
zmprov md domaina.com zimbraPublicServiceProtocol https
zmprov md domaina.com zimbraPublicServicePort 443

If I login with the admin user from the original domain (domaina) the sharing is done over https. If I don't use a public service hostname for domainb, and I login to domainb sharing is done over https but points to domaina...but then I get a certificate error because of the domain mismatch...

Any help is appreciated!!!!!!