The release notes of Zimbra 7 refer to BUG 20984: "All network edition installs now require license activation. New installs will have a 10-day grace period from the license issue date before requiring activation. Upgraded ZCS versions require an immediate activation to maintain network feature functionality. We will provide a means of creating manual activations for systems that do not have external access to the Zimbra license servers.
License 2.0 now includes additional attributes for licensed features, as well as one additional license type, perpetual."

On Bugzilla access to Bug 20984 has been denied.

Since we don't have any license keys to play with any information about the upgrade process from 6 NE to 7 NE regadring this topic is appreciated.

Is it possible to upgrade from Zimbra 6 Network Edition with a valid key as usual? I don't want to try this on a production system ;-)