Hello Zimbra community,

I have installed zcs-6.0.10_GA_2692.RHEL5_64.20101215170845.tgz on Centos 5.5 64-bit and everything works well. However, the zimbra test machine is in an internal LAN and I would like to use a reverse proxy in a DMZ to enable remote web access.

I have used Debian Lenny with Nginx in the DMZ to do the reverse proxying and it works as it should for http web access, however when i move the zimbra web client to a non-standard port (:8180) the login and logout fail and i have to manually reinsert the port info into the url to get the web client to login (which it then does). I have spent hours adjusting the DMZ Nginx and trying different ports, but i cannot seem to slove this problem.

At first i thought that the problem was nothing to do with zimbra as i can log into zimbra fine on any port that i set the zimbra server on when i point my web browers straight at the zimbra server. The login problems exist only when i point my browser at the reverse proxy. After searching google i have seen comments relating zimbraPublicServiceHostname setting and now i'm not sure if the problem is with zimbra or nginx

Could anyone offer any assistance on how the get a DMZ reverse proxy to connect remote web users on a non standard to an LAN zimbra also on the same non-standard port (8180), or if it is actually possible?

If any of my configs are required i will be happy to post more info.