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Thread: Failing upgrade from 6.0.10 to 7.0 Ubuntu server 8.04.4 LTS 32-bit multiserver

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    Default Failing upgrade from 6.0.10 to 7.0 Ubuntu server 8.04.4 LTS 32-bit multiserver VM

    [EDIT:] As to recomendations from tim_ba, I added VM to title of this post.

    In my case Zimbra VM were deployed on VMWare ESXi servers.

    Unfortunately, due to lack of timing, I migrated (almoust) to v7 64-bit Ubuntu servers 10.04 to the RedHat cloud with fresh installs and I can not participate in solution findings at the moment further. I'll leave this post open, if this in some future may help others to deal with some consequences, if a solution would be found.

    Tonight started upgrade process from 6.0.10 to 7.0.0 Opensource edition. Started upgrade on LDAP server. A couple of problems raised:

    1. Before installation, sqlite3 had to be added to Ubuntu server installation (minor problem)

    2. after running all chechs and sqlite3 addition, upgrade process cli throwed out an error, that "Updating global config and COS's with attributes introduced after 6.0.10_GA...failed."

    3. when upgrade process was mainly finished, configuration process was started like in fresh installation, which was not discovered before on any upgrades, even moving from v5 to v6, stating that timezone settings has to be setup. Timezone settings for my needs was not available (Europe/Riga). This issue is discussed here:
    For a quick solution, tried this hack and run upgrade process again.

    4. After setting different timezone, upgrade process went furhter, still giving the following errors:

    Creating server entry for
    Setting TimeZone Preference...failed.
    and after getting last log on cli:
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: TRACE
    at com.zimbra.common.util.Log.<clinit>(
    at com.zimbra.common.util.LogFactory.getLog(LogFactor
    at com.zimbra.common.util.ZimbraLog.<clinit>(ZimbraLo
    at com.zimbra.cs.account.ProvUtil.main( 2875)

    ... just stopped - no confirmation on successfull upgrade. Checking services running status, I discovered, the following status:

    ldap Running
    snmp Stopped
    zmswatch is not running.
    stats Stopped
    zmconfigd Stopped
    zmconfigd is not running.

    ... and actually LDAP was accessible and running, but still this solution didn't satiesfied as I consider that upgrade process didn't go through clean. Currently recovered from backup, and would like to investigate this issue. Zimbra setup process logfile gave more errors on each step, even including self-signed cert deployment problems, which was never noticed before. My questions for now are the following:

    Why upgrade process on LDAP (only) server incures Java procedures, which were not noitced in upgrade paths before, as java is considered to be on mailbox servers?

    What could be correct way to overcome timezone problems, as hack mentioned in above link is not working for 100%?

    Ho to deploy new additions after 6.0.10, if upgrade process does not do it properly?

    Does anyone experienced the similar issues on upgrade to v7?

    I was planning for moving from 32-bit to 64-bit LTS for Ubuntu Server. What could be the best plan to do it? Firstly upgrade current system to v7 and make migration after, or consider moving to 64-bit on v6.0.10 and upgrade to v7 after migration?

    Concerning migration - does procedures from wiki relating to migrating Network edition ZCS relate and work for doing it with OpenSource edition?
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