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Thread: [SOLVED] Removed IM server

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    Default [SOLVED] Removed IM server in FOSS 7.0

    Oh oh,
    i just noticed there no IM feature in FOSS 7.0
    but in the release notice there was a comment that only next major version
    (i think it's 8.0) will not have this feature.

    our users are used IM very successfully.
    I think IM is very usefull feature and must be grow into non-beta version.
    If somebody want to use another XMPP server, lets them go.
    But for me it's very simple to have Mail, IM, Samba users in one server,
    installing ejabberd monster.
    Please return IM in 7.0 or may be in 7.0.1 release. I cant upgrade my 6.0.10 to
    7.0 without this feature, my users will eat me on breakfast if i turn of IM.
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